Natura Massage & Wellness - Who am I?

Massage, Mindfulness and Skincare

Specialising in Birth Prep and Parental Mental Health 

Natura Massage & Wellness is based in Kent and is a women’s well-being company providing support for mums, mums to be and their families.

I am qualified as a massage therapist (specialising in pregnancy and postnatal rehab), facialist, mindfulness coach, hypnobirthing practitioner and Beyond Birth perinatal well-being practitioner.

Natura Massage was born after having my own daughter - I longed to be able to provide a service that physically helped women through pregnancy and their postnatal period. Many women don’t give enough time to their own physical health recovery after birth and with touch therapy and body rehab techniques I offer a tailored service to ease discomfort and tackle common pregnancy related concerns.

Natura Wellness & Hypnobirthing was added after I saw a startling and increasing gap in the mental health support provided for mums and families - specifically in the perinatal period. Women were coming to me feeling unprepared and overwhelmed by the transformative process that is birth and then becoming a mother. They had new identities, emotions and a huge shift in priorities but not enough information and guidance to feel as though they were thriving or able to make informed decisions. 

Becoming a Beyond Birth Practitioner and Hypnobirthing Practitioner has added so much to the services I offer. I now feel like a place for parents to come when they need a non judgemental and safe space for support and I have an incredible package of physical and mental health support services to offer - from before birth - to well beyond.


Natura Massage recognises the importance of your emotional & physical health. By combining aromatherapy with a range of different massage & body rehab techniques I aim to nurture & heal whilst delivering all the amazing benefits of traditional massage therapies. 

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Natura Wellness aims to equip you with useful day-to-day techniques that nourish your mental energy, strength & spirit. I provide one-to-one or group workshops that focus on relaxation, breathing, coping skills & mindfulness. for anxiety relief.

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Skin care 

Using Organic & animal cruelty free products, Natura Well-being has designed a signature facial that can be tailored to your skin's specific needs. Free of chemicals & toxins the products & techniques used will leave your skin cleansed, rehydrated & soothed.

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Birth Prep - Hypnobirthing  

Using mindfulness and calming techniques I aim to help you prepare physically, emotionally and mentally for your birth journey. Hypnobirthing can empower you with the tools you need to have an informed and positive birth experience.  Private or group day course available. 

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Beyond Birth Well-Being 

As a trained Perinatal Wellbeing Practitioner I provide the Beyond Birth Workshop to parents who have young children - the six sessions aim to help you cope with the challenges of early parenting and to build resilience at what is a challenging and transformative time.

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