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Birth Prep - Hypnobirthing

What is Hypnobirthing?

During the course we learn breathing and relaxation techniques to help you feel physically, spiritually and mentally ready for your birthing journey. 

I'll introduce you to the power of visualisation, affirmations and mindset and how you can practice these skills to reduce fear and anxiety during your labour and birth.

I aim to empower you with the tools you will need to have a positive birth experience and to be able to make informed decisions in the birthing room. 

What else do we learn?

In these birth preparation classes we still learn about the physical act of giving birth - we discuss choices you can make when writing your birth preferences and take a look at how the body is made for the birthing journey. 

I aim to prepare you for the physical birthing experience whether this be your first, second or even fifth baby! 

Hypnobirthing is not just for a natural birth - the techniques we learn are valuable no matter what choices you make. 

Who are these sessions for?

These classes are aimed at women/couples who are 25+ weeks into their pregnancy journey who would like to learn about how mindfulness can be used in their birth story.

Course Dates 

My Hypnobirthing courses are currently run on zoom so can be accessed from anywhere.

Our next group workshop will run every Sunday in August 2021 - 10am - 12:30pm. 

Can't make those dates? Don't worry - get in touch to organise one-to-one sessions. 

What does the Course include?

-5 group sessions for you as a couple (or for you and your birth companion)

-Breathing exercises, visualisations and relaxations for use during pregnancy and birth

-Ongoing support up to and past your birth journey

-Hypnobirthing book, mp3s and information booklet

-Advice on birth preferences

-Evidence based techniques to allow an easier and calmer birth experience

-Knowledge about the birth process

-Information about bonding, breast feeding and the fourth trimester

-Discounted access to a mindful parenting course

-And so much more!